Hard Apple by Candy King on Ice

If you are looking for a sweet and sour candy flavor that will leave your taste buds puckering, look no further than Hard Apple by Candy King on Ice. This blend takes freshly picked green apples and combines the contrasting flavors of sweet and tart with a blast of icy cool menthol.

Sweet & Sour

Candy King on Ice Hard Apple is a mouth puckering green apple hard candy with a refreshing menthol finish. A unique blend of sour Granny Smith apples and hard candy flavor, it will leave you wanting more.

The sour candy taste combined with the cool menthol will make this vape juice an easy favorite for those who enjoy both sweet and sour flavors. It will have you addicted in no time!

Cool & Refreshing

Hard Apple on Ice is a mouth puckering green apple candy ejuice that delivers sweet and tart candy green apple goodness with a surprisingly icy chill. It’s the perfect blend of sour and sweet that will keep you coming back for more.

All Day Vape

Hard Apple eJuice by Candy King is an exceptionally delicious menthol-enhanced green apple vape juice that will give you that icy crispiness you’re looking for.

Best Vape Juice

Candy King on Ice Hard Apple is a deliciously fruity e-juice flavor that offers a sweet and sour taste.

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